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Taking you behind and beyond the curtain

Digital Theatre Program modules act like building blocks that allow you to easily build a digital theatre program that will immerse your audience without taking away from your performance. 

Digital Curtain Sync

As the curtain rises our digital curtain descends over your digital program to ensure that your audience provides the performance with their full attention.

Custom QR Codes

Easily create and download custom QR Codes to be used on welcome signage within your lobby, pre-show emails, and general promotional materials.


Audience members automatically receive a download link to their specific performance when they text a word of your choosing to a number.

Email Lists

Build your subscription list easily.  Emails are automatically collected as your audience subscribes, likes, comments, and engages with your digital program. Our automated newsletters then keep them returning for more!


An absolutely engaging performance.


Easily broadcast texts and
alerts to registered show attendees.

Message Center

Easily communicate with
your audience to answer

Instant Polls
& Surveys

Increase audience
participation with real-time
polls and surveys.

& Ads

Easily promote static and
animated ads throughout
your performance app.

Interactive Map

Help your guests find their
way with our interactive
map functionality.

Automated Newsletters

Keep your patrons
returning by automatically
sharing theatre updates.

Program Downloads

Download your digital
program in any format you
wish to use and share.

Audience Uploads

Have patrons upload and
share their photos for
future newsletters.

Custom Design

Easily promote static and
animated ads throughout your performance app.

Custom Registration

Customize the sign-up
process for your theatre
and how users login.

Custom Access

Customize what information
you collect and what access
levels users receive.

Custom Channels

Provide exclusive access to
your more important
patrons to engage.

Volunteer Registration

Easily request and manage
theatre volunteers for
specific projects and tasks.

Digital Fundraising

Easily request single
donations or recurring
giving for your projects.

Ticket Sales & Integration

Sell tickets to events and/or
easily integrate your app
into any ticketing system.

Track Results

View results, filter lists, track
user engagement, and see
all activity.

Live Streaming

Live stream events directly through public, private, or membership channels.

Manage Notifications

Control and manage all notifications. Push, Desktop, SMS, and Email.


Load up your content and
events in advance and
watch them populate and
expire automatically.

Behavior-Based Targeting

Customize the fields on the
User's Profile that allows
you to understand their
motivations and interests.

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