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Audience expectations have transformed.

The average age of theatregoers is  40.6. The lowest since 2000 with record numbers of children and teens now attending.
The Broadway League



94% of millennials in the US own a smartphone, 100% own a mobile phone. Millennials are now between the ages of 24-40.
Source: Bank My Cell

86% of core audiences of cultural events are potential consumers of digital content.
Study: Trends in Audience Behavior - JC Arts


Watching a Movie

Need assistance with your performance?
These trusted partners are ready to help.

These trusted performing arts agencies have a long history of delivering award-winning  solution for their customers and have created custom solutions leveraging the power of the IHUBApp.  Let your performing arts venue or organization have the performance of a lifetime by partnering with one of these trusted agencies! 

BONUS: These trusted agencies offer unparalleled value with their expertise and custom performing arts solutions available exclusively through them!


Find a Trusted Partner Today

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California Media Group is home to premier media brands in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. We are driven to produce timely, expert-driven content on topics about which we’re passionate: travel, lifestyle, local interest, theater and the performing arts.


You will find our award-winning content delivered across the California in a powerful suite of print and digital brands. Our history and heritage in publishing dates back to 1993, but our approach today is as fresh as ever as we deliver stand-out magazines, mobile and specialty websites, trusted guidebooks and always-in-their-pocket travel maps.



For over 50 years, we have helped our clients achieve their communication and marketing objectives by connecting the arts, business and community through distinctive publishing, digital media and advertising sales services.

Our extensive publishing services are used by a wide array of clients across many disciplines. We work with clients to create magazines, guides, directories, commemorative books and more. We have worked across a variety of industries that interconnect our community, from travel and tourism, to sports and leisure, to arts and culture. We create each publication in partnership with the client and tailor it specifically to the needs of their organization. Our portfolio of publishing services is designed to meet your needs so that your custom publication will exceed your goals and expectations.


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More than 9 million time a year, people turn to ON Media to stay entertained and connected with the arts, nonproits, tourism and golf in Arizona. 

Founded in 1976, ON Media supports the arts, tourism and golf with highest quality publications that reflect Arizona’s vibrant quality of life. Our publications engage discerning readers and enhance their experience – optimizing participation. Each publication presents an opportunity to connect brands with their audience

Built to Perform.
Features that Transform.

Personalize Your Audience Experience

Help your audience fully immerse themselves in your performance with a custom design by you that allows your guests to personalize their own experience. 

Accessible from All Locations

Using the latest in Progressive Web App Technology we provide your audience with instant text-to-download access available from any device.

Engage Beyond the Curtain

Email subscriptions, volunteer RSVPs, instant notifications, mass messaging, real-time analytics, and more!

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